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A post in which I chatter about makeup.

It's good to be passionate. I am, by nature, a passionate person, and I am particularly passionate about 3 things:
  1. Males
  2. Music
  3. Makeup
This isn't in order of importance, of course. But I am really passionate about them. Not WITH them. I'm not passionate WITH males. Get your minds out of the gutter, people. Geez. 
Awkward tangent. Anyway, when I find something that makes me feel really excited, I get... Passionate. Or obsessed. Your call. But I can't get enough of said obsession, and if I'm not in possession of it, I can't stop thinking/fantasizing/dreaming/drooling about it until it's in my clutches. Which gets difficult when it comes to males. But whatever.
My latest passion in regards to makeup has been:

Have I made my point clear yet? I am SO OBSESSED with orange lipstick lately. Ever since I heard it was a trend, I've fantasized about it, and dreamt about how awesome I'd look with a punchy pout, and yesterday my dreams came true. Yesterday I bought the most wonderful lipstick ever:
Rimmel London's Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss, in 12. That's the shade right up there. I LOVE Kate lipsticks. I have three of them (now), and I love them! So you can imagine my delight when I found this juicy shade. So of course I bought it! Naturally, I kind of worried about how it would look, because I don't want it to clash with my skin tone and whatnot. But I got home, swiped it on, and....
Fell in love. I look every bit as good in orange as I thought I would, plus some! Oh my gosh you guys, I love it so much. I'm so happy with it. I love, love, love this color. And to make everything better, I went on a date today, so I got to pick out a cute outfit to go with it, and I totally look adorable. I'll post pictures soon, and I might even do a makeup tutorial! :^O That's how much I love this lipstick, peeps.
Makeup is the bomb. Love it.



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