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On love.

Happy Not-Valentine's Day! Sorry I didn't write earlier- sorry that I haven't written in more than a month, actually. I have a case of blogstipation, if you will. I'm not gonna go into that, but I've been working on some posts. A lot has happened, so I'm trying to sift through everything and process it before I write it all down.
But I just HAD to write about Valentine's Day. Admittedly, it's my favorite holiday. I don't really know why, because nothing exciting hardly ever happens to me! I suppose I just like watching other people give and receive tokens of love. Unlike seemingly the rest of America, I do NOT think this is just a sham by the candy and flower industries, and I do NOT like calling it Single's Awareness Day either, because that is implying that you are a poor, helpless person, starved for attention and begging for pity. Stop that. You are YOU, and that is a wonderful thing! You aren't always going to be single, okay? You will find love. So until then, think of Valentine's Day as a step closer to the real love you will find someday. That's what I do! I'm another St. Valentine's Day closer to being with my true love forever, and how sweet that day will be!
Speaking of true love, I saw an amazing movie last night that I would like to talk about.
In search of a romantic movie to watch, I found something called David and Monica on Netflix.
It's about a Down's Syndrome couple who get married, and honestly? It is the sweetest thing. The love between those special people is real. You can feel it through the TV screen, and you can hear it in the adoring way that David speaks to Monica.
When the movie opens up, David and Monica are going to be married in two weeks, and they are on the phone together. The first words out of David's mouth are,
"Hello, my love!" His grin spreads all over his face, and his happiness is contagious. All throughout the movie, he calls her various pet names, including, Honey, My Angel, Sweetheart, My Princess, etc. My favorite scene is when the two of them are holding each other after a wedding rehearsal, and David takes a good, long look at her before saying,
"Look at that. Look at that face! You're my angel. My angel."
Are you not squealing yet?
I'm sure that some people wouldn't believe it could happen, wouldn't be able to grasp the concept that everyone deserves the chance to love someone, even- and especially- the intellectually disabled. But the love between those two is REAL. David didn't need to buy anything fancy for her, and Monica never had to have his dinner ready on time. The mere presence of the other was enough for them. They just needed each other.
I think that is what Valentine's Day is really about. It is about the pure love between two people, not chocolates and teddy bears. The love that David and Monica share is real and true. I hope my husband loves my as unconditionally as David loves Monica, because I have really never seen anything like it.
Here's the preview:

And my Favorite clip:

They are beautiful. Their love is beautiful.
Love is beautiful.

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