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Chapter 17.

So... My 17th birthday, y'all. It happened. I'll give you a rundown of how it went down. You down with that?
The night previous to my birthday, I decided to write a letter to my own daughter- to be given to her on her 16th birthday. I've had this idea for a while, and decided I'd better do it before I turned another year older. It was a very emotional experience for me, actually. I started crying while writing it, and I think that's because I really am going to have a daughter someday. A beautiful daughter that will turn 16 someday. I guess it scared me a little bit, too, because that means I have to grow up in order to have her, and I'm so scared of growing up that to think that someday I'm going to be a mommy gives me a head trip. But, I wrote to her, and I'm not going to read it unless my beautiful girl decides it's okay. I want her to be the only reader.
After that, I got ready for bed, but didn't get to sleep before midnight- which I hate. I hate being awake when I turn another year older. I'd rather just wake up and be older. Weird? Yes. Whatever.

I didn't sleep well at ALL. It totally sucked, because I had an all-day rehearsal on my birthday, which would require serious energy on my part, and I need sleep to do that. So I tried to sleep, but then it became morning and I started to stress out, because in my family, we sing to the birthday person as a means of waking them up in the morning, and I'd been just laying there for hours. I didn't dare get out of bed, because the childish part of me was still excited to be sung to. But nobody came. I finally reached the point where I was like, "screw it", and showered, but not before I announced to the house that I was indeed awake, and in a bad mood. Just like my 8th birthday. I'd been forgotten. Except they like to say they were trying to let me "sleep in". Which is crap, because NOBODY sleeps on their birthday. It's just like Christmas, okay? Nobody sleeps.
But I'm not bitter....... Yes I am.

Cut to rehearsal. I made it through a good chunk of the day before anybody found out it was my birthday. I didn't actually want them to find out, because for some strange reason, I don't like my birthdays very much. I think it's because I feel like I have to act like I'm enjoying myself when I'm not. But people found out, and sang awkwardly to me, so I endured that, and continued rehearsing.

I came home and expected to just take a nap, because I honestly wasn't planning anything, and was pretty ticked with the world- the follies of not sleeping, and stuff, but my lovely friends had other plans. I found this on my door:
Of course, I never made it to the greenbelt before being thoroughly pelted. I couldn't stop laughing, and couldn't aim at all- until I shot Julia in the eye, of course. I got that spot on! (Sorry, love!) Maybe my birthday didn't HAVE to suck! So we frolicked a bit, and headed home to party. I found my house decorated like so:

and according to some sick tradition, my blog won't let me rotate these pictures. But whatevs. After chilling at my house for a little bit, we headed to *sniff* Ocean Blue, to have ice cream, and to celebrate the end of this particular location with a bang. :^(
We hung out a bit more, and then we watched Jumanji!!! I've decided to make it a tradition, because my parents watched Jumanji the night before I was born, plus I love that movie anyway. So we watched Jumanji, and then headed BACK to Ocean Blue, because the party was really getting started there. Black lights, neon markers, free ice cream, etc. It was awesome. Of course, my friends thought it'd be fun to ditch me there, so they left for a little while.
I don't actually enjoy it when y'all leave and go places when you're at a party. Not cool. Especially since it was my birthday. Come on.
Moving on.
Geneal and Savannah surprised me with chocolates though, which made me happy!
On the way home, we had a mad, crazy race, which was both equal parts scary and fun.
then we got goofy with the balloons:

It was a good birthday.


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