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The Political Post You Were Waiting For.

Alright. Here is a little precursor for what you are about to read:
In this blog, I write about MY beliefs and MY opinions, and nobody else's. If you are offended in any way, I cannot apologize for what I've said, because they are my true feelings, and I will not take them back. This is MY blog, and this is one of the only places where I can express my feelings and opinions without having to endure someone talking them down. Now that it has been said, I will continue.

Last night, my world got significantly less bright. Obama won again, and chaos ensued- at least on the internet. People insulted, people cried out in despair, and people mourned the loss of some freedoms. After the first wave, more people decided it was their place to speak out against those bemoaning our country, berating us for being upset, and telling us to "get over it", "chill out", and "stop freaking out". What I have to say to that is this:
What on earth makes you think we will calm down? Yeah, it's done, and yeah, we can't change it, but honestly? You have no right to tell us we are being irrational, and so help me, your telling me to calm down is not making me calmer. If anything, it is inflaming me more, and making me even more determined to fight against this. Why would I take this sitting down? Do you KNOW what that man (if you can call him that) has done to us? Have you been asleep for four years? Have you not heard what happened in this country? Have you not noticed our fall? WHY DO YOU THINK THIS IS OKAY? WHY DO YOU THINK WE SHOULD ACCEPT THIS? When the Founding Fathers were under a terrible governing power, did they "chill out" and sit back to let it happen?
NO! Why should we? If we have the opportunity to change something, why would we sit back and "get over it"?? Why haven't we tried to change anything yet? America? Are you there still?
A lot of these posts were from former Heritage students, and I am sorry to say that I am rather ashamed. After all we've been taught about standing up for our beliefs and taking a stand, they are telling us to stop worrying, blah, blah, blah. I am SICK of sitting down watching our country go to pot. I will NOT calm down, so don't you DARE tell me to back off, because I WON'T.
This is MY country, land of my birth. She was born as the greatest country, and I plan to keep it that way.
So STOP telling me to chill out. I will not. STOP telling me that it's not a big deal. IT IS.

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