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So.... I moved this weekend!! Gah! Stress. Ful. As. Heck. BUT I have my own room now! And that in and of itself is totally worth it. I love it, I love it, I love it! here are some pictures to entertain you with:
coming into my room

My mismatched bedspread. Waiting on a new one that actually MATCHES.

My guitar's new corner

My bee-utee-ful window

Cruddy little hamper in a lonely corner

My cute dresser- anyone recognize where it's from??

Closer look of the dresser

Messy top- this has since been organized.

Very messy...

My very own closet!!


I decided to make the top portion of the closet be my book shelf, so that eliminates the necessity of  a new one.

Shoe rack, baby!

I have a private attic!! :^O

My air freshener to make it smell less like paint and more like French vanilla. :^)

Little brother! He's not part of the room, he's just cute.
So amid all the hubbub that is moving, I've been patiently (and obsessively) working on my room. This is my chance to get the perfect dream room that all princesses have, and I will not stop until it is perfect. I am IN LOVE with it already, I can't wait until it's completely finished! I put in the vent and the light switch plates, so it no longer has an "under construction" feeling. Now I just need to fill my wall with pictures, get a CUTE bedspread, and voila! Signed, sealed, and DONE! I am so jazzed.
I've also become a cleaning Nazi in here, meaning that I obsessively clean everything. If there is so much as a hair elastic on the floor, I pick it up and either put it away, or chuck it. I want this room pristine! And the only way it will stay like that is if I constantly work towards that goal. These past two days, it's worked like a charm! I think I'll put together a reward system for a certain amount of days I've kept the room clean. I'm thinking iTunes...
Also. I am really weirded out by this whole "I don't share a room anymore" business. I'm so used to being with Geneal (sharing a room for 14 years'll do that to ya), that now when I get into bed I just think, "now what?" I don't have anyone to talk to! It's so quiet...
But I'm fine with that.
To get the full effect of my glorious room, however, you'd have to see it in person.
Come see me!!
I'm also having difficulty adjusting to stairs. Ugh.

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