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My dearest, darlingest Julia:

Today, Sarah gets to visit you, and I am considering her an extremely lucky butt- lucky because she gets to see you, and a butt because she didn't bother to buy a suitcase big enough to fit me. Oh well. The awesome thing is I get to see you in person in just a few weeks! EEK. SO JAZZED.
But I still miss you. Like crazy. And I want an excuse to jet up to Utah so bad right now!
I wish you were here still, because I miss hanging out with everyone- without you, we can't have an everyone. So that kinda sucks. And I wish you, McKenzie, and I were in another play together, because those were some fun times, chica.
I'm counting down the days until Thanksgiving weekend!! In the meantime, here is a picture of a sad face:
Yes, I'm in my pj's and no makeup. Don't judge. Doesn't my lip look HUGE? Wow.


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