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Dang, Fetch, Oh My Heck.

I did not have a happy day today.
It started out in the morning, because I was stressing about making my Winter Formal invitation video, so I busied myself getting together my costume, and just generally freaked out. This had to be perfect, well executed, and Mr. Bowers had to agree to play it in his class, because I figured that would be best.
I got to school and shoved all the stuff in my locker, and anxiously awaited after school, where we would film the video.
Lunch time rolled around, and as I fought nervous butterflies, I witnessed the unthinkable happen.
A young woman (for the sake of the story, we'll call her McKenzie E. No, no- M Ellsworth) walked right up to the guy I was going to ask THIS VERY WEEK and said "Hey, Andrew, will you go to Winter Formal with me? PLEEEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEEEE???"
**Hold up for a second. Yes. I was going to ask Andrew to Winter Formal, and I was super excited, because I had a genius way of asking him.  GENIUS. GENIUS. And don't go on a guilt trip on me, okay? Don't tell me it's my fault because I waited. I KNOW THAT, OKAY? And I feel terrible about it. Don't rub it in. I realize my mistake, and I have learned from it. So shut up.
I also know that some of you thought I was asking Draven- gotcha! I'm a good actress, aren't I? And I never said anything. You just assumed. Joke's on you! :^D Back to my misery. **
I can't believe it. I was asking him TODAY, PRACTICALLY. I'm so sad. Especially since I've stressed over this for at least three weeks, come up with a script, etc., and she just randomly jumped up and asked him! :^(
 Andrew, if you happen to read this (I don't know if you ever will,) just know that I'm not holding anything against McKenzie. I'm sure you will have a wonderful time, I just wish I had asked you sooner. Bummer.
So yeah. That's all. I'm sad.


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