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See that famous artist over there? Yeah, she's my sister. Nbd.

Savannah entered an art contest for the Constitution Fair this weekend, and has been freaking out all week, thinking she'd be disqualified since she drew a Nazi. (see picture here.) I knew she had it in the bag, of course, because a) she's a Whetten, and Whettens are awesome, and b) she is one of the most amazing young artists I've ever seen. She is remarkable!
So apparently, in our school, they could only submit one entry for Junior High, and one entry for High School, and she was picked for the Junior High entry!!! That jazzed us up pretty well, and we anxiously awaited the results.
This morning, Mom and Savannah burst into our room, to announce the news that not only had Savannah won, she had won FIRST PLACE. FIRST PLACE. FIRST PLACE. Oh, and also... FIRST PLACE.
MY SISTER GOT FIRST FREAKING PLACE. HOLY COW. FIRST PLACE FIRST PLACE FIRST PLACE. She will be awarded a $200 cash prize, along with a heaping helping of self confidence. I always knew that chica was going to do something amazing, and this is definitely just the beginning. I love you, Savannah!! Keep this up.

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