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Pardon my awesomeness.

Recently in English, we were instructed to write an obelisk- basically, a brag column about yourself. It was pretty much the most awkward assignment ever, because I don't like sounding vain- stop laughing at me.
But, my obelisk turned out pretty funny, so here it is:

O, Smart, quick-witted one!
My white, brilliant teeth shine like pearls!
Although I am short in stature, I am mighty in speaking.
Music spills forth like Honeyed Clouds of Celestial Glory when I sing.
My hair falls in silken curtains about the porcelain skin of my face, and my eyes glisten like melted chocolate in the sunset!
Though I speak much, I am well-read, and the written word enchants me like fairies in the woods.
There is no other alive who can prepare macaroni such as I can, mixing the ingredients with expert abilities. 
My eyelashes flutter delicately, like butterflies lazily flitting on a sunny afternoon.
I, Haeley Whetten, am a miracle at birth, a wondrous beauty and Talented conversationalist, gifted in all Fine Arts.

There ya have it! 

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