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Why I love concerts

I was going to write about how cool the concert was, but I decided, nah. I don't wanna, and guess what? You aren't going to change my mind! :P
I really only remember A) screaming like a possessed fangirl when I saw Forest Kline, and B) wanting so badly to be up onstage.
I love concerts because of the effort put in by the artist. They don't get up and sing, they get up and PERFORM, and that's what I love. Seeing someone put so much passion into doing what they love gives me hope, and more than the vibrating of the thunderous bass, the emotion is what I remember. Watching someone bare their soul for the world to see, and shamelessly flaunting it is inspiring. I want to do that in the world; put my life into words, and put those words to music, and I want to express it for someone. Be it five people, fifty, or five thousand, it makes no difference. If I can reach at least one person through my performance, and somehow make them feel better, than I have done my job.
I feel like music is what I was meant to do in this life. I want to be an influence for good in what I do, and music is the powerful, driving force that follows all of us where we go. Think about it: you are surrounded by music. It's a world you can't ignore, it's a delicate balance of pure goodness and pure evil. If you seek out the beauty, your life is better for it.
I think I'll try hard, and someday get there.


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