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The play!

Tonight, Geneal and I were privelaged enough to be able to volunteer at AYT's current play, Cinderella. I got to take tickets, and Geneal and a friend helped usher people.
Now, as we all know, I am a hopeless romantic, and whenever I go ANYWHERE, I always hope to be able to see an attractive male that I happen to know. The attractive male I was thinking about this time was, of course, Cody. I was silently hoping that tonight would be the night he decided to come, and that he'd notice me- even for the tiniest fleeting moment.
Well, apparently the universe was in my favor because
CODY WAS THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ahem. Please excuse that outburst, but you see, nothing like that EVER happens to me. Cute guys NEVER show up when they SHOULD, which is endlessly irritating, in all honesty. But this time, he did! And as soon as he walked in the door, he saw me and MADE A BEELINE FOR... WAIT FOR IT....
Did I mention how that has never in a million years happened?? He ignored everyone else and made straight. For. ME. We chatted it up, and I thought he would go away as soon as I started taking tickets, but no! He waited patiently the whole time! And when he went to go say hi to Kristen, and his mom went up to hand me her tickets, she was talking to one of her other sons, and said:
"Yeah, he didn't even say hi to her! He just went straight for her!" and she gestured to me, and smiled.
I totally felt like a princess. It just made me feel so special, and I spend enough time hating myself that me genuinely feeling special is something really rather rare. 
Gosh, he is cute. 
Which brings up another thing: cute guys just don't talk to me. It doesn't happen. I think I'm a permanent wallflower, which sucks big time. But HE pays attention to ME. I don't think he realizes how truly wonderful that is. 
And even though I know nothing will ever come out of this confusing, almost-relationship, it still means the world to me that he chose to hang out with ME during Scarlet Pimpernel, and not Madison or Kennedy, who were easily the hottest girls in the cast. Which stinks that I have to admit it, but if you saw the show (or were actually IN the show,) you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. So having a guy like him even bother to look twice at a girl like me, it's pretty dang huge. 
And he is so, so cute!
I wish we could date.


(p.s., the play was absolutely, completely, 100% FANTASTIC. It was so well done I'm still riding a high from it. And, you know, seeing Cody and all that.)

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