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Just geeking out over here.

Hello, this is Haeley's alter ego, Addi Song. I am so named because I am ADDIcted to music and SONGs. Clever, eh? Anyway, I am here to geek out about something so musically awesome, it is guaranteed to blow your socks off. As Haeley was perusing Ingrid Michaelson's online store, she found something called a Playbutton. This intrigued her so much that she invited me over to investigate. We found out that the Playbuttton is just that: It's a wearable button (like campaign buttons or the many buttons Haeley has adorning her book bag), only the fun doesn't stop there: IT'S ACTUALLY AN MP3 PLAYER. HOW COOL IS THAT?! It's like an iPod shuffle, only stylish and freaking cool. It comes preloaded with the songs, so all you ever need to do is rock out to it, and charge it occasionally. Here's Ingrid's:
Ingrid Michaelson - Human Again + Laurel Canyon EP Play Button
It looks like a normal button, right?! ISN'T THAT SPECTACULAR?!?!?!?!! I am SO making Haeley save up to buy one. (It's only 19.99!! [plus shipping and handling and tax, it would probably be closer to 25 or something, but that's beside the point. It's cheap! And cool!]) And don't worry about Penelope, Haeley's beloved iPod. She won't fall by the wayside, I promise you. This is just an awesome way to WEAR your MUSIC. I am still totally geeking out. It's just so very geek-outable. For more geeky info on this amazing freak of music nature, click here.
So awesome, right??
This is Addi song, signing off!

Hey! It's me, Haeley. Sorry about Addi. She gets a little excited sometimes. Thanks for being patient with her! She's a bit of a newbie blogger. Ta ta!


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