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Julia, here are sixteen things I loooove about youuuu!

Sorry I didn't post earlier, I was partying it up in the dirt- er, Girl's Camp. But here are sixteen things I love about you.

  1. You have a fabulous sense of style
  2. Your perm is SO CUTE
  3. You have always, ALWAYS been there for me when I need it most
  4. You have a sparkling sense of humor and have the cutest laugh!
  5. You are very in-tune spiritually
  6. You have a voice that is crystal clear and right-on pitch, and singing with you is so fun!
  7. You are creative and never boring
  8. You are easy to talk to
  9. You are a fabulous actress- very believable and you can be trusted to stay on top of things
  10. You like Jamba Juice! ♥
  11. You are so awesome with little kids
  12. You aren't afraid to be weird
  13. You are honest
  14. We have so much in common
  15. You have been so strong through all life's trials
  16. YOU'RE SIXTEEN, WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!
Love ya!

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