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Summer so far

It's been boring, folks. I'm ready for the fun stuff to start- and that means I NEED OUT OF THIS HOUSE. Whether it's getting a job, hanging out with my friends, or something, I need out. Like, now.
The puppy is cute and all, but she needs to shut up.
My brothers are cute and all, but they need to shut up.
Basically, everyone needs to shut up. This is getting old.
So, I decided since I have nothing better to do, I will unzip the 'ol makeup bag and give myself makeovers.... 100, to be exact. There's got to be 100 different looks I can create with what I have, right? I think yes. So I shall be posting pictures, and keeping tabs on how many looks I've successfully created. It should be something entertaining, since I can't do what I REALLY want to... Make covers.
Not seat covers.
Music covers. I can't play any instruments, so that puts a damper on production. But, I am working on teaching myself guitar. So far, I can do three chords successfully! Yay me! More on that later. I just wanted to let my faithful few followers know that I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. I still love you. Ta ta!

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