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New puppy!

On Thursday, I had a party, because I had nothing else to do, my family was all in Mexico, and who doesn't like parties?! I invited the usual suspects, and my friend Parker, brought along a little surprise-
a puppy! His dog recently had puppies, and when he mentioned it, I said I wanted one. Well, he took that into account and brought her along for the fun! We got to know her, and she got to know us- then Parker threw in this little bonus: we could keep her over the weekend! After a little coaxing, my dad said yes (just to drive your mom crazy, he said), and we spent the weekend with the puppy! Since she had no name yet, I began calling her Soda in honor of Lincoln, because he wanted a pet named Soda. I thought it fit perfectly, but apparently not, because after my dad caved in and told my mom about the puppy, she decided she didn't like that name. Which sucks, because honestly, I thought it was genius. A bubble name for a bubble puppy, right?
So, when the family came home, they naturally attacked her with attention and love, and I knew we were keeping her at that point.
I went out with Sarah to wash her car/ go to Sonic, and when I came home, my suspicions were confirmed! Dog stuff was all over the living room, and my plan had succeeded!
I wanted a puppy, and we got a puppy!
her name is Chiquita, which is Spanish for "little girl", and English for "stupid dog name".
I cannot BEGIN to describe my fervent hatred for that name. Chiquita? REALLY?? When my siblings say it, it sounds like Shakira- not. Cool. And Chiquita is the name of a BANANA COMPANY. How stupid can it get? I'm so tired of Spanish names! Everything has to involve Spanish in some way, it seems. I mean, yeah, it's my heritage and all that crap, but COME ON. ENOUGH OF THIS MADNESS.
Shutting up about that. Moving on.
She's cute!

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