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Days where I'm just dumb.

On Friday, I was left with Dallin to babysit while my family did something or other. Lunch time rolled around, and my mom had left us some macaroni and cheese to make for lunch. Now, as I'm sure you know, I am the Mac-and-Cheese goddess, so I had this down. I cooked the noodles with expert skill, and before you knew it, it was time to add the sauce. Now, if you've ever mixed in plain yogurt with your macaroni, you'll notice how it has a lightly tangy taste- which is right up my alley. So I looked in the fridge, and brought out the yogurt. We had run out of milk, so we had almond milk instead. I poured in the milk, and had just plopped a heaping spoonful of yogurt into the noodles, when the thought popped into my head,
"You'd better make sure that almond milk isn't the sweetened carton!" Since we had both plain and sweetened, I freaked out a little and double-checked to make sure the milk was plain- it was. I relaxed a little, and then another thought popped into my head.
"You'd better make sure that yogurt was unsweetened, too, because I'm starting to smell va- oh, no. Sweetie, did you REALLY just mix VANILLA YOGURT INTO YOUR MACARONI AND CHEESE? You did, didn't you. Look at the label, there's a good girl. OH, great. Haeley, what the heck were you thinking?! You do not put vanilla yogurt into macaroni! Ew. That is gross. Better feed it to Dallin anyway, he won't notice the difference, right? ....Right?"
I certainly noticed the difference. I tried to eat it, but since I knew what I'd done, my stomach stubbornly refused to accept it as a form of nutrition, and had to throw mine away. I called my mom after I stopped laughing at myself, and then put it into some Tupperware in case an unsuspecting soul decided to try it.
Nobody ate it after all, and I don't blame them.

*side note: this is an old post I never published, so the date is off. This was back in May.*
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