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Red hair!!!!

Okay, guys.... I LOVE MY RED HAIR!! I did more pieces than I originally planned, but since it looks so snazzy, I don't really care. This is so cheap, too! 16 cents per package, so it won't drain your bank account! It's also way less harmful than actual dye, and it washes out after a few weeks, so you can easily do it over a holiday or summer or whatever. It works best on hair that is less clean, so skip a wash or two before you dye. Here's the what, where, when, and how:
You will need:

  1. Packages of UNSWEETENED Kool Aid in the flavor of your choice
  2. 1 cup water
  3. Heat-resistant bowl
  4. Hair (the most important ingredient)
  5. Time
  6. Patience
  7. Old, cruddy T-shirt you don't need anymore
Mix the Kool Aid and water together and bring to a boil.  Pour mixture into a heat-resistant bowl, and then dip the tips of your hair into the liquid. Let sit for 5 minutes, then rinse out. Let it dry, and voila! Colored tips! You can also do streaks by doing the same thing, but by taking specific strands of hair and putting it into the liquid. If you want to do more streaks, you will need to boil the liquid again. It needs to be hot. Be careful! This stuff stains like no other, (which is why you're wearing that cruddy T-shirt!) and gets really hot. Don't let it touch your skin, and make sure that all the rest of the hair that you DON'T want dyed are kept out of the way. The results are stylish, and awesome. Results may vary, and the color will be more intense with lighter colored hair. Also, if your hair is damaged, this will last longer. Not saying that you should go ruin your hair, but just a heads up. This should last a few weeks. It's super fun, not harmful, and it smells great! You can also dye all your hair, but you have to use a different, more time-consuming method. This is just a quickie way of dyeing. 
My hands got a bit stained, can you tell?

Just chillin' while I dye

Doing the tips

Here's a red streak I did

This is NOT a bowl full of blood.

Still not blood.

Soaking it up

Look what happens when you rinse!


My Kool Aid :^)

Use unsweetened!

I used Black Cherry instead of strawberry for a more dramatic tint


I. Love. This.

Can't really see it, but hey! It's my cute face!

Red, red, red. I love red.


Look at that vision of loveliness.

Oh yeah!

I'm enjoying this entirely too much.


I'm quite satisfied.

Not a bowl of blood. It's just Kool Aid, guys.
Overall, I'm super happy with this! An easy summer 'do, and so fun! 

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