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A Prom-ising post. :^)

I'm sure you've read my last post, and if you haven't, it really doesn't matter, because this post is what matters now! On Friday, I was asked to Prom at last!!!! It rhymes!
Here's how it went down: (pictures too, I prom-ise!)
Thursday evening, my dad asked if we wanted to do baptisms the next morning. I said sure, what the heck? Certainly couldn't hurt, and I certainly wasn't expecting anything. Friday morning rolls around, and we get to the temple to find it absurdly crowded with a bajillion people. Dad ditched us (he had to work, so I guess that's understandable), and then we waited. 
And waited. 
And W-A-I-T-E-D. When we got out of the temple, it was 10:33. We got there at 7:15! Tired and hungry, we headed home, where I started talking about Prom again. It's been on the forefront of my mind ever since they announced the theme, and since I was pretty much positive who was asking me, I was now waiting for him to actually ask. So we chatted some more, and then sat down to eat. Then Dad called me, and before I could say anything my mom grabbed the phone from me and started talking to him, which kinda weirded me out because then she started acting odd. She gave the phone back to me and told me, "I think Dallin got into your room, you might want to check it out." Now I was getting suspicious. So I walked into my room and was instantly greeted with this all over my room:

Still brain-dead from waking up early (Fridays are my sleeping in days), I thought at first that Dallin really DID do this, and then I started squealing because I got it:
I'D BEEN ASKED!!!!!!!!!!!!! I looked over at my wall, which was covered in:
I thought it was brilliant, bringing an inside joke of ours into the asking, and it was so funny reading the little doodles he'd put all over the paper! 

My favorite part about this is he wrote: "WANTS to ask you to Prom!" Not: "Is asking you to Prom because he feels bad for you". And the fact that he underlined it made me happy as well. It made me feel like less of a charity case, and made me even more excited to go with him! I haven't replied yet- that's a post for another day. Let's move on to my dress!
Ever since I heard the theme (All That Glitters), I've pictured my dress perfectly. It would be gold, and knee length, kinda like this:
HORRIBLE quality pic, I know. But You get the general idea, right? Just add sleeves and BOOM. Perfectly Prom-y (Get used to me saying the word "Prom" a lot, because I'm excited). So later that day, I was looking through Facebook, when I stumbled upon one of my friends' posts. She was selling all her old prom dresses! I looked through the album, and found a dress. It was gold. It was modest. It was sparkly. It had to be mine. So I messaged her, and we set up a time for me to go try it on. 
Saturday rolled around, and we drove to her house to try it on. I was feeling confident, but then I started panicking. It would be so embarrassing if it didn't fit! What would I do?! These thoughts in my head, I timidly knocked on the door, and when she answered, we saw the dress. It was beautiful! I eagerly tried it on, zipped it up, and modeled for everyone. It fit like a glove! We happily paid for it and went home, where I modeled once again for my sisters. Here it is!
Isn't it fabulous?! It's super light and fun, and I can easily hem it to knee length. And as an added plus, the dress isn't tight enough to necessitate the omission of certain parts of clothing (*cough cough* winter formal dress *cough cough*)! I'm so excited!!!



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