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Prom-blems (see what I did there?)

Soo.... Prom. It's next month. I'm freaking out over here! Why?

  1. I haven't been asked
  2. I need to find a dress
  3. And shoes
  4. And a date.
  5. And a date.
  6. I also need someone to ask me.
  7. And a date.
I don't want to not be asked, because then I would feel like a desperate spinster all alone on the most important dance at school, because thus far I've been the only one asking people out if I want to go on a date. Lame? Yes. Very much so.
I reallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreally want to go SO BAD. I've even begun compiling ideas for my dress/hair/makeup/date's outfit. I wish someone would just ask already! And I can't post my wish on Facebook (even though I have several extremely witty ideas of what to say), because I will officially be labeled as "desperate" by my dad. Trust me. He's said it before when he's seen it. He'd say it again regardless of if I said it. So there goes that form of advertisement. Ugh. I need to get over it. 
Another small part of me wants to be asked just for the sake of showing him that yes, I can move on and date. I'm not on my knees begging for him to come back (even though it's still very painful). 
And dances are just so gosh darn FUN!


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