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So, after a year of being a retired choir student, I've decided to take the plunge and sign up again. I've realized that music really is who I am, and I can either take every chance I get to share that love with others, or I can sit down and wish for opportunities to come along. So, I'm taking a little risk and auditioning for Encore choir. It's less traditional, and more contemporary, which seems right up my alley. No dancing, just straight up cool music. They've performed a few times during lunch, and so far, I've liked what I've heard. So now the question is.... What song am I going to audition with?! I have a few ides, such as:

I also REALLY love the song "Cold", by Lucy Schwartz and Aqualung, but I don't know if it's the right style. I guess I could do show tunes as well, but ugh! I do not like them unless I'm in a show that has them in it. So, yeah. That's the deal, currently.


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