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Boredom+Friday+shockingly attractive pictures= this post.

What do you get when you cross a fan with a camera?
 Freakishly awesome pictures, that's what.

 What a babe!!!!


Yup. Awesome. I am slowly but surely trying to weather the death of Picnik, and though it's nearly frickin' impossible, I'm coping. Mostly because no amount of hate letters will change their mind, but whatevs. I found two new sites, iPiccy.com, and PicMonkey.com, and even though they aren't ideal, I like them. The fantastic rainbow effect you see up there is courtesy of iPiccy. I LOVE that effect so much. It looks legit. My one problem with iPiccy is the quality isn't as good as Picnik or PicMonkey, but hey! It's COMPLETELY FREE. There isn't even an option for Premium, or anything like that- which means free airbrush. Oh yeah! I love that. They don't have as many features as Picnik either, but the missing features are ones I would never use anyway, so I'm okay with that. PicMonkey is like Picnik's rowdy younger brother, full of attitude and silliness,but they share the same genes, so that means most of the same features, just a different web design. Neither site is as simplistic, and they have sort of confusing layouts, but c'est la vie. At any rate, I'm not posting to just rant even though that's what I did anyway. Just to post these fabulous pictures. If we were six feet tall and anorexic, maybe we could be models!

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