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Music feature of the week.

Okay, in order to dispel the awfully gloomy post that I previously wrote, I am introducing a new feature on my blog that I'm quite happy about!
Every week I will do a special music spotlight, whether it's the latest song in my head, or an artist I like, or some free music you should snatch up RIGHT NOW before it's too late. So here we go!
This is kind of an odd song- it took me about three listens to get into it, really, because her voice isn't "pretty", and there's not really a rhythm at all. It's one of those I-can't-decide-if-I-like-it-or-completely-loathe-it song, but the video is charming, and after a while the song becomes catchy to the point of it getting stuck in your head for a while. My only regret is it's not on iTunes, of I would definitely have it right now.



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