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An exciting new development.

Well, folks, even if I'm not IN a play right now, doesn't mean I can't WRITE one.
Story? Oh, very well.
Wednesday(?), my aunt Theresa extended a tantalizing offer to Geneal and I, which was this:
Write a play, get paid $100 for it. That's $50 each! And for doing something that I love, too! Woo hoo!
So we are writing a version of The Princess and the Pea, and it's going so great so far! I absolutely LOVE writing, and now I am doing a real play! It's easier than I thought it would be, probably because Theresa gave us a basic outline- but still, it's so, so great. And I really need the money, so it's a great deal. She's also going to have us write a few more plays, so that's even more money in our pockets. It's actually a pretty funny show thus far. I think she'll like it.
Gah, did I mention how much fun I am having writing this? It's totally awesome. :^)
Maybe I'll post a preview of the play sometime!
In other news, I disappointingly enough did NOT get my license this week, but SOON, MY MINIONS. SOON. I am craving independence soo bad right now it's crazy.



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