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winter formal pictures :^) (this post is all over the place. Sorry!)


After (thank goodness!)

My first date was AWESOME! I of course spent the whole frickin' day stressing about it, and getting my nails/hair/makeup/breathing just right, but it turned out to be so worth it! My date was the perfect gentleman, even though I routinely screwed up by opening doors for myself. *facepalm*
I need to get better at that... Another thing that was funny is even though I was wearing my second-highest pair of heels, he was still obscenely taller than me. But that's what you get when your date is 6'4" and you are only 4'10". We had so much fun! Did I mention that? Nothing romantic happened- thank goodness. I'm not interested in him that way. But I digress.
The dancing was so fun! I forget how much energy I really have until you put me onto a dance floor. Then it gets fun. :^)
I wish I could have been a better recipient to all the gentlemanly things he did for me. I was just so nervous and awkward, I guess I forgot! You should have seen me as I walked up to his door to pick him up- shaking. Like. A. Leaf. But I got over it once I got inside, took some pictures, and pinned the corsage on. I was shaking so bad I almost couldn't do it! Thankfully I didn't stab him. Whew! Mission accomplished.
Dinner was fantastic- so, so yummy! And as an added bonus, I didn't get anything on my dress. Another big Whew!
Getting posed for our picture was funny- I felt like a Barbie (and looked like one too). But it turned out cute, nonetheless.
All the stress paid off, however, because I felt so beautiful that night, and my date made sure I knew it. A good night for all!
Now on to Sadie's... How am I going to ask my guy this time??


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