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I'm not gonna lie, this is my favorite holiday hands-down (which, come to think of it, is totally dumb, since usually it's always sucked for me and I've pretty much never had a Valentine), and naturally, this year had my brain going like crazy, planning, planning, planning for what exactly I would do. I had the boy- I just needed to figure out what on EARTH I was going to do about it! So I began the stress/planning process, and came up with the CUTEST IDEA FOR A CARD EVER. May I present: his Valentine.

No, those are NOT grease stains. I kept his card in perfect condition, it's just a smudge on the lens. And I am extremely put out that it is on its side like that! GRR.
How clever is THAT?? I wrote that quote down directly. I even Googled it to make sure the x's and o's were in proper order. I'm so thorough.
and in the corner, a note-paper heart with staples! Gosh I'm proud of this card. It's just so darn cute!! I almost wish I'd made a copy for myself, but knowing that he has it makes it worthwhile. :^)
So here's how my day went down:
Wake up, get dressed in most fabulous uniform ensemble ever concocted (I had to look cute! DUH.), head to school. Stress until almost insane over presenting him with his Valentine (teddy bear, chocolates, and the above mentioned card), worrying that I got too much, yadda yadda yadda. Hyperventilate. Almost jump out of skin when he shows up in between classes to give me my Valentine. Smile until cheeks hurt. Melt onto floor. Go to class.

Then lunchtime came, and things happened less automatically. I set up his presents all cute-like, then panicked and almost took everything save the card away, when it became too late. I avoided eye contact, (I'm a total idiot, I KNOW) and then he received his gifts. He reacted perfectly, I breathed a humongous sigh of relief, then tried unsuccessfully to eat my lunch. Turns out that being nervous all freaking day ruins your coordination. Who knew?

Then the rest of the day proceeded normally, interrupted by occasional bouts of delirious happiness (having a Valentine'll do that to ya), and got called eight times in 36 minutes by a Restricted number- I have decided I have a creepy stalker, and can therefore go nowhere alone.
After school, I received a long, warm embrace from said Valentine, and floated home.
A fabulous day overall, and this has definitely been a success. Yay me!!



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