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Scarlet Pimpernel

Ugh. The end of a play is always painful for me, because it feels like I'm losing my family. But there is always a sense of relief that follows too. No more rehearsals, no more missing out on plans, and most of all... SLEEP. I haven't gotten enough of that, sadly enough. Another thing that's depressing is I lose contact with my newfound friends, and that really sucks- especially if you've gotten really, really close. This play was no different, for the most part. However, Robespierre and I have been texting and Facebooking, so all is not lost. We're going to see Seussical on Friday, and then I'm going to ask him to Sadie's. So he's someone who I haven't lost- which is GREAT, because we hung out like 24/7 the whole time. I miss him!
The best part? He misses me too. :^)
I think I like him more than originally planned... Probably because he pays attention to me, and actually likes texting me! My guy friends pretty much NEVER willingly carry on a conversation with me, but he does. It makes me feel special. :^)
On another note... Here are some pictures.
 Buddies ♥
 My hair/face before....
 And after!
 Fancy ladies
 McKenzie and I in our lovely green dresses
 Danny and I. He was really sweet, just a bit socially awkward.
 This girl.... I LOVE her! So sweet. :^)
 McKenzie, Kaley Bear, and me! We tortured him. A lot. Lol.
 Cabram(sp) and moi. I held his glasses whenever he had to go onstage, which means I'm trustworthy!
 Kiri!! She's like the coolest grip ever. So cool!
 I. Love. Devaune.
 The green crew
 The poofiest, swishiest, shiniest dress ever! Me gusta.
 My buddy, Brynn. She was my bestie in SP, Miss Celia. She had a problem with getting her cues down- our evenings backstage usually consisted of "Where's Brynn?!! She has to be on, like, RIGHT NOW."
 The adorable miss McKenna Norton. She is really fun, but she recorded me singing a stupid song and showed everyone. So I'm not sure how I feel. Jk, I love her... But still.
And last but definitely not least... Julia. *Thank you so much for making such a precious memory with me on camera. I really appreciate it.
Sigh... I have no life now! I am so bored!!! I need to audition for something stat.

*Sarcastic tone required when reading this

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