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The Sadies Situation

Today was going to be the day I would ask Cody to Sadies.
Today I had an anxiety attack.
Today I did not ask Cody to Sadies.
Why? Let's just re-count the WHOLE thing, shall we?
Clever, isn't it? Yes. It IS clever, despite the fact that I crossed out something that really didn't need to be crossed out, it was the perfect plan. I'd put it in a plastic baggie,
Then placed it oh-so-delicately into a bowl half-full of ice, covered it in water, then popped it into the freezer, so it would be frozen in the middle.

It turned out brilliantly, if I do say so myself. It froze for the weekend, and then I prepared the next step in my master plan. Texting his mother. I got their address, got her all excited, got myself all excited, and then I made the little ice cubes with my name in them.
Meanwhile, while the letters were freezing, I took out my frustrations out on paper.
I decided I'd find out if Cody would be home all day, so I texted him and we had a great, marvelous, fun, and wonderful conversation until I asked him about his rehearsal schedule. Dun dun dun. He rehearses from Sunday-Thursday (SADIESISONATHURSDAY!!!), with the actual time of rehearsals from 7-10 pm (SADIESIS8-11!!!!) My heart sank, and I made a last-ditch effort to ask him. So I texted him desperately:
H: Sigh
C: Sigh?
H: I'm kinda frustrated
C: Why?
***This is where I took a leap of faith, putting it out on a limb***
H: I want to ask this guy to Sadies, but he's intensely rehearsing for a play :^)
C: What's Sadies?
Can we pause for a moment? Ahem- WHAT IS SADIES?!?! ARE YOU NUTS?! I JUST PUT MYSELF OUT THERE, PRACTICALLY TELLING YOU I WAS ABOUT TO ASK YOU OUT,  NOT TO MENTION HOW FLIRTY THAT WAS, AND YOU ASK ME WHAT IS SADIES?!?!  You have got to be kidding me. Boys are officially the stupidest creatures on Earth. I don't know why I even try! Is it really that hard to pick up on a hint THAT OBVIOUS? REALLY??? I just put myself on a frickin' limb here! And I flirted! How obtuse do you have to be before you miss blatant flirtation?? GAAAAAAHHH. I brushed it off and asked him how strict they were about missing a rehearsal. But before I even hit "send", I knew the answer. It's a pro company, so obviously they aren't going to want to let him skip rehearsals, especially for a stupid dance. And honestly, I don't want to make him miss a rehearsal. I don't want to hurt his performance, but I still can only hope... It's partially my fault, because I didn't ask him sooner, but I can't help but be upset. Even though I'm the real stupid-head here, I'm busy wallowing in self pity, and as we know, it's hard to own up to your mistakes when it's really much easier to blame it on dumb boys. So I promptly removed my ice cubes,
Expressed my feelings on paper once again,
And dumped out my bowl of beautiful ice in the dirt.
 It's right next to an orange ping-pong ball- which is ironic, because that's how my last date replied to me. Oh, cruel, cruel irony.

If you look closely, you can see dirt. Which is what happened to my plans. They are dirt now. Look even closer and you'll see a crack, just like the crack in my broken little heart.

I know, I know, I'm being dramatic, but come on! I'm entitled to a little depression here and there. I was so excited!! GRR.
So I texted Sarah, bemoaning my fate as a dateless chick, and she lifted my spirits once again, reassuring me that yes, I could find a date! This evening would not have to be ruined! We discussed the benefits of asking Chandler, a cute boy in my ward, and eventually dismissed the idea as I don't know him well enough. Then I had an epiphany-
I could ask Micah! 
Why not? We're GREAT friends, we talk/tease each other all the time, and he makes me laugh so much! I think we could have a great time, I just hope he says yes. I'm not sure though, because he isn't quite sixteen yet, and I heard that his family won't let him date Mormons. But that's only a rumour, so who knows how much truth that really holds? I hope it's nothing, really, and that he CAN go, because how fun would that be?! So fun. And if he does say no, I can always ask Chandler. He'll be my Plan C, and if not, I could ask Logan, or maybe Michael Thaxton. If all else fails there's always Ray. But I'm counting on Micah.
A small portion of my being is still clinging to the shred of hope that, around midnight, he'll come to his senses and realize what I was saying, and he'll text me and let me know that he doesn't have any rehearsals the first week of March, and then I will gleefully text back, saying how awesome that is, and we'll skate happily ever after. But the chances of that happening are painfully low.
I'll keep you posted.


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