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The Sadies Situation Part 2

Before we delve into the next exciting installment of "Haeley's messed-up life", I will show you some pictures that I captioned and edited myself, to set the mood.
This is me. Posing with brownie mix and a spatula. Beware.
This is my threatening Yes-I-CAN-Cook pose. Fear it.
Whassup, yo? Nothin' much with me, just cooking LIKE A BOSS!
This is the only picture of the brownies, so I felt it appropriate to zoom in and show them off. Because honestly? They were beautiful. Perfect, even.
This picture doesn't hold much sentimental value, so I edited the snap out of it. Plus Picnik's closing, so I'm in denial. Sue me.
Our shirts for Sadies. Mine is the one on the left. Just kidding. Ha ha.
This is his fabulous little shirt. Yes, the theme is Out Of This World. No, this shirt has nothing at all to do with the actual theme. (It was Sarah's idea. But it was cute!)
Ain't it purty?? AIN'T IT?

The stuff for our day date- an epic food fight!!
Okay, fun stuff aside. I'm seriously freaking out, y'all. Seriously. After that last little bit of drama, I couldn't psyche myself up enough to ask Micah, I just couldn't. I was too scared of rejection, because although it's a nice idea, I don't think I CAN ask him out, because what if the rumours are true? I know it's dumb to take stock in those, but it's kinda believable. Plus, even though I don't have a crush on him, it would kinda hurt to be rejected. It's hard asking boys out! So much harder than asking one to dance at a stake dance. So if he wants to ask me out, he can totally go ahead and do it, because I won't complain. I think it would be fun. But he's the one who's gonna have to make a move this time, not me.
I whined about my dateless predicament to Jayme, and she tried to set me up with one of her friends, Cody- NOT clueless Cody. A different one. My first blind date- gah! So she tried to set us up, but in the end, I chickened out, because I was worried he wouldn't like me at all.
So I decided on Chandler. It's a safer gamble, and he lives closer, so carpooling becomes instantly easier! So as soon as I decided on him, I had to take action, and fast. So I got a brownie mix, a frosting tube, and gathered my wits- I was scared stiff. I whipped up the brownies with expert precision, however, adding some chocolate chips in for extra pizzazz. How could any man resist me now? I mean, come on! A full pan of brownies WITH CHOCOLATE CHIPS. (Please, please don't be a diabetic. I would feel so bad.) So I got them out, shooed the kids away, and went to bed. I couldn't deliver them yet- it was too late in the evening, you see.
This morning I got up, and was ready to deliver the brownies... After cleaning the house. I got it finished in enough time to do my makeup, and write the note (It would sure be "sweet" if you could go to Sadies with me on March 1st! Sorry this is such short notice- I'm a doofus, I know) before Sarah came over so we could go shopping for Sadies. We also had to ding-dong ditch Chandler's house, so we loaded up in the car, and drove over to his place. Uh-oh. His dad was outside! Quick, drive awa- oh, dear. He's coming over. It's a good thing he's so nice, otherwise I would totally be hyperventilating right now. So I gathered my wits, stepped out of the car, and smiled dazzlingly.
"Hey, Brother Cook! I, uh, have a pan of brownies for Chandler!" *nervous/hysterical giggle*
"Oh! Okay, I'll make sure he gets 'em!"
"Thanks!" Then we sped away. As soon as we rounded the corner, however, a four-wheeler full of boys approached, with none other than...
Chandler, riding gallantly atop the vehicle.
I immediately flushed crimson and pointed him out ever-so-slightly to Sarah. Then we went to Wal-Mart, which was an adventure in and of itself entirely, and far too long to chronicle here. Needless to say, we got our shirts, got our soda, and jello, and got my debit cards denied in a fantastically humiliating episode of monetary failure. But I digress.
Now the waiting begins. I'm not good at waiting. Really, really not. And I don't expect him to answer tonight, but I can't help but startle at every little noise I hear, hoping it's him. I'm just so worried he won't be able to come!! Breathe, girl. Breathe. All will be well.


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