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high hopes and high notes.


Let's face it, peeps, I am NOT the skinniest, petite-est girl you've ever met. Lame? Yeah, sorta. But is there an upside to this???
Friends, the Mesa Encore Theatre is doing Hairspray soon, and I don't think you understand how badly I want to do it! I think I could be the PERFECT Tracy, don't you think? Small, sassy, and stout. That's how she is, that's how I am. It's the truth, don't try to deny it- I am "huggable", for lack of a better word (I know y'all would punch me if I dared to say the "F"  word (not THAT "f" word! Get your mind out of the gutter)), and, taking this fact in stride, I think I want to audition for her. I really, really want to! The problem is... What if I can't sing her notes? What if they don't think I'm puffy enough? What if I can't dance?! And most of all, WHAT IF I GET THE PART?!
Now, being realistic, I know I probably won't. But being me, I can't stop myself from wanting to get that part. I've only been the main character once, I'd love to have that experience again. I'd get to sing as loudly as I wanted, I wouldn't have to "rein in" my cute little rolls, and I'd get into a REAL theatre company! Not just Youth Theatre! I'm NOT saying Youth Theatre's a bad thing, because that's where I got nominated for a Zoni. I just want to see what's out there, and see how far I can go in this whole theatre business. It's something I want to continue for the rest of my life, and I'm good at it, I am.
Good golly gosh I want to be Tracy.
I just don't know if they would let me in, because I'm so young. Plus I'm short. But would they really hold that against me? They didn't with Kristin Chenoweth, and she's a big star now. But I can't help but wonder.
And suppose I did get the part... I would have to kiss somebody. Not stage kiss, really, truly kiss someone. I don't know if I'm ready for that, especially since I've always envisioned my first kiss as being romantic, and something I had control over. Would I be willing to sacrifice that for the stage? Would I have a choice? I wonder if they'd let me wait a little bit for the kissing scenes, I mean, at least during blocking we'd fake-kiss or something until it got a little bit further into rehearsals. I'd want to get to know the dude I was going to kiss before our lips actually locked. And if I WAS cast as Tracy, who the heck would be Link? Would he be my age? Older? Younger? Would his breath smell like Hades? Roses? Listerine? Would he try to French me? If he did, I would make him sing Soprano faster than you could say "Corny Collins".
GAH. I just hope I can actually audition. It's pretty much my dream role. I'll let you know more details soon, so keep your fingers crossed!!!!



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