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Growing up

Tonight I picked up my first job application (I know at least one of you out there already has a job, but if I recall correctly you didn't even have to apply. So shut up.), and it honestly weirded me out. For one, because I'm actually old enough now to apply for a job, and two, because I could have a real live job apart from babysitting- which is awesome, because I haven't gotten a job in months. Geneal has pretty much officially taken over my post as babysitter extraordinaire- which is depressing. I usually LOVE babysitting! But I guess it's all part of getting older. I'm picking up another application form tomorrow, so I can have two options.

I'm applying for Krispy Kreme's, which was kinda random because I was not planning on looking into a job there, but my mom went there to get the doughnuts for report cards thingy and noticed they were hiring. So, she sent me in all by myself (yes, I wanted my Mommy in there with me to hold my hand. So sue me.), and I asked sweetly for a form. Then I flirted with the boy at the counter (which is totally legal, because HE flirted with ME first, and he was about my age. So there.), and picked up my application and went on my merry way.

Tomorrow I'm picking up an application at Bagel Nosh right next to my house. It's this cute bagel shop that I've never been to, and to be honest, I'd rather work there. Why? It's smaller, and closer to home. Plus, small-scale eateries just seem more my style. (I have a working "style"?) I can just picture myself in that place so much easier. I suppose I just like the cozy, small size of it, because it seems less threatening and I think the uniforms would probably be way cuter. Hey, uniforms are a big thing- I already have to wear an ugly one, I'd like a cute option for once.
I'm so freaked out about this! First driving, then dating, then jobs! GAH! Before you'll know it I'll have my license- which is something I want so badly I can taste. But I guess I have to get better at driving before that happens, so I don't terrorize the tester-dude-person.
Or my dad.
Or me.
Back to the subject at hand.
I really, really, REALLY need a job, so I'm crossing my fingers that I get a shot at this- some extra pocket change would be nice, not to mention necessary. I'm hoping I could start ASAP so I have some actual money for Sadie's (stay tuned- I'm going to ask him this weekend. Or Monday), and so I can start saving for my trip. And gas money, because I WILL get my license, eventually.
Random tangent- I can't believe how far I've come since I started this humble blog. From Beehives and big dreams to Laurels, and working on those big dreams. I'm excited to see where else I'll go from here!

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