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Happy belated birthday, Daddy!

My beloved Daddy had a birthday on Thursday! He's a great and wonderful man, and I can't imagine having a better father, honsestly. He is so strong in the gospel, and is a worthy priesthood holder. A full-time mission server, he is the perfect example of how I want my future husband to be in many ways. He has a great, great sense of humor and that's pretty much essential for me. :^) he isn't always embarrassing in front of my friends, which is a plus. They like him and think he's cool, which is so true. I love you eternally, Daddy. Thank you for being there always to give me blessings, talk to me, listen, tease, encourage, and hug. You are great, and I thank my Heavenly Father all the time for such a great father. Thank you for your patience with me as I continue my driving education (read: superhumanly patient. I'm a slow learner), and thank you for the pointers. I especially thank you for teaching me to respect the flag, our country, and myself. Thank you for teaching us so much about gun safety and for trusting us to handle them properly. You really are an amazing person, friend, husband, and father. I love you.

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