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The dress story

So, Winter Formal is in seventeen days, and the time came to seriously look for a dress. I've been panicking and planning it ever since I found out the theme, and I really really wanted a 20's- style RED flapper dress. I looked on costume sites and Googled it several times, and I really thought I could make it work. But then Reality came and bit me, and I realized I couldn't get a good dress. So I dropped the 20's style dress idea, and moved on. My mom set up an appointment with Sue's Closet, and we were off on the great hunt! We got to the house, and started looking. The first dress I tried on was a pretty lavender dress with a slit down the middle, revealing pretty white fabric. I tried it on, and I liked it, but was willing to try more. After a few more trial-and-error dresses, I found a beautiful RED dress. It had kind of the same styling as the purple, and I knew I had to try it on. So Geneal and I headed into the bathroom and I pulled it on. Geneal was doing up the zipper when it got stuck. I started freaking out because I REALLY liked this dress, and there seemed only one option. Ask me in person, it's a pretty funny story. So after making the necessary "adjustment", the zipper slid up perfectly. I was instantly smitten, and we ended up taking it home! Here are some shots:

It's perfect, and lovely, and slimming, and perfect! Red lipstick goes wonderfully with the whole ensemble, and I just... Sigh. You know how they say when you're shopping for a wedding dress, there's one that just is absolutely perfect for you?? This is how it felt, when I put it on. Watch out, Ben! I'm gonna be a knockout. :^) And yes, I will post lots of Winter Formal pictures when the time comes.



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