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I first heard this song while browsing a photography website, and instantly was entranced by the other-worldly feel of the melody. I became obsessed with the song, and HAD to find out who it was by, much less what it was called. A few weeks later, I was listening to Pandora and heard this song and it reminded me so much of the other song that I had to look it up on iTunes to see if they were by the same author. So I looked, and, (dun dun dun...) not only were they by the same author, they were even in the same album! I felt so accomplished in that moment. Here is the mystery song:
Wowie. It. Is. So. Cool. I want to have a voice like Florence Welch, folks. That would be ideal. I can hit some of her soaring high notes in Dog Days... As long as I'm in the shower. Which is okay, I like the acoustics. I think that's what showers are for- singing. Because it's like it automatically makes you sound awesome, at least to yourself. Maybe I should just record a song in the shower... Just kidding. That's weird.
I had my first day of drama today. May I just say how much I miss last semester's class?? I almost died of sadness there. Not to mention I was paired up with a mildly irritating partner for a little scene we had to do, so that was splendid. Micah is probably the only one who's gonna keep me sane. Or, O.D.D. Ha. That was an inside joke that none of you would get. Ha. Ha. :^( It's like the end of a play: my second family just DIED. No I'm not being over-dramatic. I'm frickin' sad! But hopefully this class will be good. Some stubborn part of me deep inside secretly hopes this class won't be nearly as awesome, because last semester was legendary in it's oddities. Ha. That was another inside joke that YOU DON'T GET. Ha. Ha... I'm sorry. I'm not looking for pity, I promise. In other words, I really like my history class! I'm sitting by Micah and Draven, which will also be nice. Some times it's nice to just hang out with the boys, which is exactly what I did today, come to think of it. I only hung out with boys! It's therapeutic, I tell ya. No stress. Just like the olden days of my youth. :^) Brilliant. Now I just want to write about boys. Not in the romantic sense, actually. Just about being friends. Another post for another time. *notice how I didn't say day... maybe later tonight I'll log back on and rant.* Anywho, I'm out! Time to go celebrate my daddy's birthday!! Oh yeah... Another post. Brb I guess!



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