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#23, the beginning of school, and a random observation.

I seem to be squishing in normal posts with some of my countdown posts, don't I? Well, multi-tasking I guess. I don't want y'all to get bored, so I decided to spice it up I suppose. Here's a little love song for you tonight:
It's an adorable music video... minus the whole her singing in her undies thing. Other than that, can you even resist those adorable smileys?? Fun fun fun!
As to the beginning of a new semester, today was good stuff! I'm okay with my schedule and all, and I think I'll like Photography. It'll be nice to expand my knowledge behind the lens, so look forward to more posts on my photography blog! Spanish, however, is probably my favorite class so far. I mean, come on! I've got all my friends in there, so what more could I ask for? :^)
Now for the totally random tangent:
I am jealous of my little brother's lips. Yes, I said it. His LIPS. They're so full and red, it's not fair! Here. Look for yourself:
 They're just so... RED and perfect!
 I mean, mine are a nice, flirty pink, which is nice and all, but really it's no competition for red lips.
 Isn't he adorable? He also has the sweetest lil' cheeks. I could just kiss 'em right now!
J.e.a.l.o.u.s.y. I want his lips!



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