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#21- rocket me nowhere

Today I bring you a special treat... Two songs! Yay! Mostly because I found another super cute song that I wanted to post instead, but this first one wouldn't get off the page. So ta-da!
This song is both silly and cute, which is a great combination. Did I mention it's cute?
This next one is also super silly, but it's also really really cute. Plus the beat makes you want to dance around like a crazy person, so it works perfectly. :^)
Awesome, right? You know what else is awesome? If you go to Rocket Me Nowhere's site and join their mailing list, you get a free song every week! How cool is that?! This week's download is adorable. I'd let you see that one too, but it hasn't been posted on YouTube. Oh, the benefits of curiosity- I have an obsession with looking up various artist's websites for fun, and I stumbled upon theirs, and, well, there ya have it! Free music! It's like free happiness!



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