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What a fabulous day!

Some days are WAYY better than others, and there's nothing you can do about it. Which is a good thing, because if it's a great day, why would you want to change it?
Yesterday was a great, faboo, amazingtastic, and all around cool day. Here's how it went down:
  1. We got to go to Montessori House, my old school, for their annual hayride/puppet show! I will forever love that day, and will probably attend it until I leave for college. There's some things you just don't want to let go of! Plus there are so many cute little kids there, it's delightful.
  2. While I was at the puppet show, I got a phone call from none other than my Jekyll and Hyde director, Andrea! I got a voicemail from her, and at first I thought it was a butt-dial, but once I listened to it, I realized it was something far more fantastic. Someone dropped out of the play, and I was her first choice!! I'm so, so excited, especially since I didn't make SB4SB, so hearing this was great news. It was the sweetest voicemail I've ever gotten, I swear. Full of compliments and just so nice! It was probably one of the biggest compliments I've gotten performing-wise. Well, other than receiving a Zoni nomination, that is! I was going to keep this on the DL, but apparently the two girls I wanted to hide it from (McKenzie and Julia) found out, so there's nothing surprising about it. Poo. Oh well, I'MSTILLINANDI'MGOINGTODOAWESOME!!
  3. After the screaming and excitement calmed down, Geneal and I went to get... CONTACTS!!!!! We've been waiting for this for forever, it seems, and finally we have them! The exam went great, and when I got my eyes checked out with all the annoying lights, the doctor and I just chatted for fifteen minutes, give or take. We talked about my school, because he knows some teachers, and then we talked about music! This dude was right up my alley, folks. I mean, music?! How much cooler can an eye doctor get?! He even looked some songs up for me right there in his office! We talked about The Turtles, number one hits back in his day, and other fabulous music-y things. Then I actually got my contacts, and lemme tell ya, it was weirdness. Putting them in freaked me out a little bit, but after a lot of patience and some grimaces, they were both in! I want to put them in right now, but I can only have 'em in for a few hours at a time and I'm saving that for my first rehearsal. First. Rehearsal. Guys, that means I'm in another play!! Yahoo!!
  4. After modeling our contacts and getting used to the weird-ocity, Geneal and I went to see A Fairly Told Tale; a comedic mashup of several different fairy tales, written by a senior, Skye Bradsher! I was expecting it to be cute, and kinda on the lame side, but boy howdy was I wrong! It was one of the funniest plays I've seen since maybe The Foreigner. So freakin' awesome, I just could sing it's praises all day long. I want to be in it really bad now, funny enough. But I'm content with BEING IN THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL!!
  5. Then I had some homemade salsa. Win.
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