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Love notes

Yesterday at a party, we had a fire in the backyard, so naturally, my friends started looking for things to burn. One of my friends found a love note that a seventh grader wrote to her, and was about to burn it when I asked to see it. She handed it over, and I read the little note. It was the sweetest thing ever! That tiny little seventh grader has a lot of nerve to be able to pour out his heart so completely to her, and it's so sad that she wanted to burn something like that. I mean, I understand if she doesn't like him back- that's fine and all. But to burn it? That's kinda sad in my opinion. It takes a lot of guts to put yourself out on a limb like that, and I hope she lets him down gently as possible. One of the lines said:
"You might think this is weird, but... I love you. I will dance with a lot of girls, but I'll wait for you. P.S... You are really cute!"
I skipped a few lines here and there because I don't have a perfect memory, but that's the gist of the letter. A whole page devoted to singing her praises, and it was just so adorably sweet, I couldn't help but squeal a little bit as I read. 

Maybe it's because I'm crazy, or have never given/received a love letter, but i think it's all really sweet. I don't get how it would be "creepy"- because knowing someone cares about you that way seems really sweet to me. The closest thing I've ever gotten to a love note was a Cupid Gram back in eighth grade, and I loved it so much I kept it for two years, unopened. 
I also gotta admire that boy for his incredible amount of guts. I mean, I've never told anyone that I liked them before- even in my case now. I still haven't officially told him, we just have a mutual understanding that we like each other. I still want to tell him how I really feel, though. Maybe one day I will. When I grow a spine.
So what's your take on this whole love note business? Yea or Nay? And have you ever received/written one? Was it creepy? Sweet? Creepily sweet? I think it would be just plain sweet to get a note detailing how he felt, honestly. That way I wouldn't have to just remember key words and phrases, I could just pull it out whenever. Yeah... That'd be nice.

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