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Let's wrap this up- may I present to you...

Oh my pun! Did you see that title?? That was so puntacular! It was positively punny! I'll stop now. You don't need to groan anymore, I'm done with bad jokes. Instead, I'll show you my bad wrapping!
It seems like a tradition, bad wrapping. I did it before, and I've only improved the smallest bit since then. But now at least they are recognizable as presents instead of wads of paper! I now present (snicker) to you...
My (w)rapping skills:
 Dallin's present, a motorcycle he picked himself.
 There, I fixed it.
 Another I-didn't-put-enough-wrapping-paper-around-the-present-so-I-now-need-to-patch-it-up episode.
 Twinsie presents.
 Mom, Dad, Geneal, and another present (for whom? You'll find out soon enough). No, that scary brown spot to the side is not a bug. I don't really know what that is.
Lincoln's looong present.
And now, I present (snicker) A RANDOM TANGENT!!
Look at that word!! Isn't IKEA great??

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