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The Audition.

Does that sound ominous to you? Because it sure sounds ominous to me.
The funny thing about school vs. AYT, is I was never very nervous for AYT's auditions. But school... I was PETRIFIED.
I can't remember the last time I shook so hard, and that was before we were even in the room! I tried to breathe, but that really didn't help.
At last, we were called in the room, and we got up onstage. We introduced ourselves, and then the directors told us we were going to dance first.
Oh. No.
I'm totally fine with singing first, because that means I actually have the lung capacity to carry out the notes and stuff. But dancing first? I was toast, for sure. But there was no use in complaining, so we lined up. Thankfully I was in the back row, because
sucked like a lollipop. The only good thing about my performance was I kept a goofy grin pasted to my face, and didn't grimace when I was failing (I think).
I finished the first round, and prayed silently that I would at least be able to do better this time, since I was front and center. So, this around, I still didn't do as well as my could, but it was 100% better than the first time!
Then came the singing, and they mercifully let us catch our breath, while they consulted their notes, and ate chocolate-covered (laxatives? Grapes? Papaya?). Then they called my name.
That meant I had to go first. I shuffled up to the center, and the song began... And...
I did awesome! I hit the notes right, I projected LIKE A BOSS!, and I even moved around the stage a bit. I kicked bum, folks. Bum.
The rest of the group did really well! Marin was kinda shy, but she hit the notes correctly, and did overall a good job. Miranda sounded a bit like Doris Day, and I loved her pronunciation of "courting" and "sporting". Aimee was such a cutie. Confident, and she did a very nice job.
Andrew was AMAZING! He projected LIKE A BOSS!, and he used the stage like there was no tomorrow. And he sounded awesome.
All in all, it was a good audition, and I am so beyond glad it's over with! Picking the first audition group was definitely a good choice, because now I don't have to stress anymore. I can move on with life, and be at peace...
As long as I can get that pesky audition song out of my head.
Will post results a week from this Monday. Keep your fingers crossed! :^)



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