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#19 and a fun little tiny fact

This song is fun, bouncy, and fun to sing along to! It makes me want to grin, as I'm sure it will do to you!
Now for the fun fact: Yesterday's post was my 360th! It's kinda cool, don't ya think? like 360 degrees... A turnaround, in a sense. Kinda like me. I wen from writing lame hyper stuff like this to the hilariously entertaining works of genius I crank out on an (almost) daily basis. It's pretty cool when you think about it. I went from an immature, weird girl, to a slightly less immature, still very much weird girl.
Life is so amazing sometimes.
Thanks for reading with me this long! Well, technically, your guys my regular readers haven't been with me long enough to have read all that crud, so lucky you!



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