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#16, and a surgery

The title of this song pretty much sums up the song: Young, Dumb, and in Love. This is a great, cheerful, bouncy song that I just love! It also describes the feeling you get pretty much perfectly. Just.... a fabulous song!
In other news, my darling Licy had her first surgery today! Woo hoo! She got her tonsils/adenoids  removed, and so far she's doing pretty good! She looks like death, but I'm impressed with her. It was an outpatient surgery, so she's home with us once again, and within about an hour of getting home she was already yelling at Lincoln- which scared the crud out of me, honestly. That's the sore-throat-surgery! Shouldn't she be acting like a trauma victim? Nope. Pretty much talking about what she wants to. She's quieting down though, so that's good. She's also getting some heavy naps in, and she sounds like a motor when she snores. Ha! Poor Baby, but I'm sure she'll get through it- she's a trooper!
Nice tangent from the song, no? How 'bout another one?
Last night, after Licy's "last meal", my dad on a whim asked is we wanted to go see Hugo, a movie based on the book The Invention Of Hugo Cabret. I said yes, and Geneal, Savannah, and I got to go see it, and lemme tell ya, it was SUPERB. I was immediately sucked into the adventure of it all, and it was all so well done. The 3D was fantastic, and I LOVED all the old movie clips. So. Great. Geneal and savannah hadn't read the book, and they enjoyed at at least as much as I did. Wow. What a great movie. Wow wow wow. Wow.
We also watched The Help today, and that was absolutely breathtaking. I totally cried. It was pretty true to the book, and the characters were all absolutely flawless! SO GOOD.
So, yep. I saw some pretty amazing flicks this break.
And Just Dance 2?! Freaking sweet.
The end.



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