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This post is totally pointless.

I'm bored, and at my dad's work, so I figured I might as well post. I don't have anything to say, really, so I'll take ideas as they come.
I'm not doing so hot. I'm tired, and sick, and counting down the shows until I'm finally done. This play has felt more like a a chore than a joy, honestly. And I feel bad for saying that, I really do. I just can't seem to stop comparing this experience to my other performances, which is petty and stupid, but there ya have it. I'm sooooo tired. Going to bed late, waking up early, rinse and repeat. Today is different, because I have a show this morning- yep. MORNING. THIS SHOULD BE ILLEGAL, PEOPLE!! I'm gonna die onstage or something, I swear, because guess how tomorrow's going down? Three shows: nine am, three pm, and seven pm. That's a death sentence, and I'm dreading tomorrow. :P :P :P
On the bright side, since I'm at my dad's workplace, his computer just happens to HAVE ITUNES!!!!!! It's like getting a hug from the internet. That's what I miss the most, folks. Itunes. It's slowly draining the life and vitality out of me, especially since two artists whom I love have released new albums, and guess who can't listen to 'em? Me. But this makes me happy, just listening to the 1:30 previews, because that's enough to keep me alive- barely.
Except Dad just moved me to a different computer with no itunes. But that's okay, because I still have Pandora, so I'm feeling musically fat and happy. And this computer doesn't have a screwed-up keyboard, so I'm feeling good. Well, sorta. I'm super hungry, but whatevs.
See? I told you this post had no point.
My hands are cold.

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