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24 things I'm thankful for.


There are really too many to simply list, so I'll just stick to 24, because that's what today is. The 24th. I'm so clever, aren't I? These are in no particular order, so don't judge. I'm taking ideas as they come.
  1. my family
  2. reading good books
  3. moments that give you butterflies and leave you slightly breathless
  4. having good hair
  5. lotion/makeup/lipgloss/shoes
  6. my mother's homemade bread
  7. clothes fresh out of the dryer
  8. singing in a nice, hot shower
  9. where I live-especially the greenbelt. I wouldn't be able to function without that place.
  10. music, period.
  11. the feeling of being onstage
  12. rollercoasters
  13. playing games with my friends
  14. hanging out with my friends
  15. sweet notes
  16. inside jokes
  17. parking straight
  18. finishing the BOM all by myself
  19. blogging
  20. snuggly blankets- or just snuggling
  21. laughing until I get the hiccups
  22. making others laugh
  23. being ME
  24. photography
So there you go... Some things I love in a nutshell. I know some things up there make me seem like something of an airhead, but y'all should know I'm not a normal person, and I really AM thankful for these things. They make me who I am, and life wouldn't be the same without 'em. Especially the lipgloss. ;^)
Happy Givethanksing!!

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