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You may call me a dreamer...


I have my best ideas, epiphanies, and thoughts when I'm either asleep or half-awake. Today, I had two of these! They're kinda silly upon further thought, but I might as well write about them real quick. First, I dreamed that I made my own prom dress... Out of zippers!! It was awesome, and now I'm tempted to try it. The skirt was made completely of zippers sewed together vertically, so it was strips of zips all around. Then, I unzipped them a few inches, so that the awesome tutu I was wearing underneath could poke out! It was the coolest dress ever. The End.
The next thought I had was a fun date idea. It'd have to be a group date though, because I honestly don't see it being any fun with just two people.
So here's what we'd do:
We'd all go to a restaurant, (I always have to spell check when I write that word) IN CHARACTER. 
Meaning, of course, we'd all have some different personality, ie: fitness freak, rich snob, germaphobe, etc. And we'd order dinner according to what the character would want if they were real. I think it would be so, so fun to try that! The best part? We'd also come dressed the part! So the rich snob would come in a suit/fancy dress, while the fitness freak would be in yoga pants and a hoodie, and so forth. Gah, I want to be sixteen already!!
Keep dreaming, folks!!

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