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What I like to do... As of yesterday.

Love quotes are just the best. There's just something about the freshness of it, and the happy feelings it creates. Yesterday I came up with an idea, and this is how it panned out:
I pulled this quote out of my head. Ignore the random ball of light. Isn't it cute?! I took painter's tape and cut out the letters, then went over the whole page with watercolor crayons (I think I sense a new addiction) and after it dried, I peeled off the tape and voila!! I think it turned out so cute, it's hanging in my room. Then I showed Julia, and she liked it so much I made this for her:
This one's a little different, seeing as how I used no tape and it's vertical. (For the record, Owl City has the best love quotes ever.) I love, love, love doing this! It's relaxing, and I feel artistic in a way. If I could sell them, I totally would. But, for now, I'd be thrilled to make anyone a picture. You can choose if it's with tape, or not, and choose the quote, or you could just let me go wild and see what happens. It would be no trouble at all to me, I'd just enjoy myself thoroughly.
**Side note: the paper gets a little wrinkly from the paint, but if you decide to frame it or put it in a school binder, it's no biggie.

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