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Some ideas on how to ask the gentleman in question.

No, I haven't figured out who I'm asking out yet (thanks to Julia- and I'm not being sarcastic this time, she really did save me from asking someone who is already taken- thanks again!!), much less how, but since I need to get cracking on this (two months before-that's how you know you go to Heritage), we've started hunting out ideas to ask creatively.
Personally, if I was just asked, no fanfare or funny business included, I'd have difficulty responding. Because how much of a letdown is that?! No, this time, I'm going full-blown, unforgettably awesome, for my first dance. I'm taking a date, that much is certain. I just need to figure out how... So here are some clever ideas. Enjoy!

So there you have it. Some top-notch ideas on how I could ask Mr. Mystery to Winter Formal. Aren't these fun? They're a great idea for future dances, so I think I'll fall back on them every so often. Creativity just rocks, I think. It makes life so much more... Spontaneous.
I'll be sure to keep y'all updated on the Grate Date Search.



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