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8 Years ago today...

Geneal and I were home for the weekend, and we were excited. Who couldn't be? Weekends are like candy to a kid. But this weekend would become far sweeter than most. Our Nana picked us up from school, which was a rare occurrence. Odd, but fun. We went home and ran into the house, searching for our parents, but found no one but my Grandma Whetten and Nana. I had a sneaking suspicion I knew what was going on, but I just had to ask.
"Where's Mommy and Daddy?"
"Well... They're at the hospital!"

Under normal circumstances, this would be scary news, but this wasn't normal- our baby was coming! Geneal and I squealed and ran around, excited for our new sister, who would be born any time now.

I still remember sitting by the phone, impatiently awaiting the news. We talked to Savannah, frantically trying to make her understand how exciting it all was, and finally the call came.
We had a beautiful baby girl, Alicya Mae Whetten. We headed off to the hospital, and met our sweet, sweet baby for the first time.

Holding her was so special, so precious, I just knew right then we were the luckiest sisters in the world. Savannah relished the sweet little bundle, and grinned at her tiny fingers and toes.
I love you, Baby! The world would not be complete without you.

Eight things you must know about this little girl:
  1.  She loves, loves loves Barbies
  2. favorite color: blue
  3. She has the most beautiful eyes
  4. and eyelashes... Seriously, I'm really jealous.
  5. She's extremely creative
  6. Very independent (we're definitely sisters)
  7. She has a good testimony and is so ready to be baptized,
  8. And she practices the piano dilligently.
I love my sister!!

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