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What up with that???

With rehearsals in full swing, we're settling into a hectic routine of getting people to shuffle through the door, talking for a minute, then singing and choreographing until we can't hardly stand it and are silently begging to go home. Then we talk some more.
I'm not complaining, because stressful as this all is, I love every minute of it and wouldn't trade this for anything. Not even my favorite fudge (it's seriously the best stuff I've ever tasted-and it's sugar free).
But one thing I do not get is... Why are they making me dance so MUCH? And so OFTEN? I have two left feet on steroids, which pretty much means I stink at dancing. But they keep putting me out front, doing barrel rolls and weird French dance moves I can't spell, and other things which I can't do!
Maybe they have a shred of ill-placed hope for me.
Either way, it's a mystery, and I wish I could stand up to expectations, but all there is left to do is grin and bear it. Wish me luck!!



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