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Well, snap.


The problem with cute eyeglasses is sometimes they just... Snap. Maybe they're stressed, or tired, or just want to protest, but they snap.And it's frustrating for people like me, who have been blessed with astigmatism, because if they are the slightest bit off, it bugs you and hurts your head. But there is a shiny ray of hope in this particular tragedy... I could potentially get new frames! I'm wanting something sassy and vintage, like these:
*squee* aren't they GEMS? I love cateyes!! They're so cute. I wouldn't even mind not having contacts! Well... Almost. I still really, really, REALLY want those. But still- with specs these cute, who could resist wearing them?!
Those are fun, too! I'm getting a little excited, can you tell?
Golly, I want vintage glasses.

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