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Portrait of a girl.

School ID's... There's nothing like them, thank goodness. They are some of the most traumatic memos of your high school years you will ever receive...most of the time.
Sometimes, they turn out just fine!
But just for fun, let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we?
Pink face, disgustingly pudgy, with long, flat, reddish hair that seemed to glow in the ugly backdrop. I had a unibrow. I hadn't known that it was picture day until it was *gulp* too late.
The school decided to mix it up a bit, and we got pictures that showed us down to the torso. I decided to play it safe, and wore a body shaper- big mistake. I looked lumpy and uncomfortable, and my hair was the only bright spot among that mess.
I made a smart decision and wore a blue shirt so my face wouldn't take on a pinkish hue. This year, things started to look up, because I actually looked cute! Super short hair and glasses didn't look too shabby- now that I knew how to make 'em work.
Let's be honest... I look hot this year. Somehow the camera went all wonky, and now I have a sun-kissed glimmer about my flawless features. I'm smiling coyly at the camera, just begging the onlooker to come over and talk to me. I look kinda like a Latina flirt, if I do say so myself. There seems to be a pattern in my ID's, I get better and better looking each year, so by my calculations, in twelfth grade, I should be a knockout.
Here's to school pictures!

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